Sculptures devoted to love

Love is a wonderful and tender feeling, described as the best thing a man and woman can experience, especially if it is mutual. Numerous literary works such as poems, short stories, novels or songs have been written about it. But this theme is captured not only in literary works, but it has always inspired artist for the creation of various sculptural, architectural and monumental masterpieces located in different corners of the Earth.

We prepared the list of the most interesting sculptures devoted to love that show how high people treat this feeling. Let’s talk about a couple of installations that prove, love can be seen, touched and even become eternal if being transform into a physical artwork.

"Love", Batumi, Georgia

At the very entrance to the wonderful resort city of Batumi a huge seven-meter high statue is situated. This one is called simple "Love", and it personifies the two bodies - male and female. The creation of the statue of the sculptor Tamar Kvesitadze was inspired by the novel "Ali and Nino". This breath-taking metal construction is able to move. So, it is the while 10 minutes that the bodies move towards each other, kiss and merge together.

Love Island Park, Jeju Island, South Korea

The imagination of the Asian peoples is surprising. But you have never seen such a magical and romantic theme park as the one the island of Jeju in South Korea? "The Island of Love" is a huge green territory, the area of which is covered with erotic sculptures. In order not to blush once again, keep from visiting the park with your parents. It is better to go there for a honeymoon or in the company of friends!

EVOL, Spinola Bay, San Julian, Malta

The inverted word Love in Malta in Spinola causes its visitors mixed feelings. Many do not understand this kind of art and believe that this concept of a statue expalining love is a failure. But it is worth looking at the reflection of it in the water and you will see the cherished word "Love" in it. This is a creative and magic idea!

"Love", Reykjavik, Iceland

A tender statue of love is located in a small park near the National Gallery of Reykjavik. You wouldn’t even pay your attention to it if you weren’t aware about its location. In this city there are many monuments of this kind, but this one stands out with a special sweetness and roundness of forms. Locals love the cute and passionate bronze statue of two people kissing and believe that such art has a positive effect on their children.

"Kiss", Lima, Peru

In the heart of the Miraflora district in Lima the Park of Love is situated. What is different in it from the Asian one is the statue of Victor Delfin called "The Kiss". At first glance, it seems rude, but in the light of the sun's rays, the monument shines with special energy. It show two people lying on the floor and passionately kissing as if no one is around.

"Kiss", San Diego, California, USA

The Kiss in San Diego is an eight-meter interpretation of the famous photo taken on August 14, 1945. When unknown the sailor kissed the unkown nurse before his departure. But this was enough for the whole planet to shudder from the powerful energy of the lovers, imprinted on a small military photograph.