Many welcomes to the brand new Cool Beans website, it’s great to see you, have you lost weight? Here you can unwind, sit back, let your dreams become realities and your realities become dreams.

Wait up, what the hell is Cool Beans we hear you cry? Well, for a start it’s a club night, it’s also a radio show and a booking agency, it’s kind of an all-round entertainment facilitator. This website should hopefully fill in the rest for you. And if it doesn't they'll be hell to pay!

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The Cool Beans Getogethers: Episodes I – VI

Much like the Star Wars franchise, The Cool Beans Getogethers radio episodes have been a storming success all around the globe with millions in the bank thanks to all the…

Daddy’s Car – The awesome new video from Ham Pocket!

Ham Pocket are back! And they’ve taken on a strikingly different musical direction after being seduced by a shady looking manager in a downtown bar who promised them fame, fortune…

Peace in the Park 2014! Main Stage Line Up!

Introducing… The Peace in the Park main stage line up 2014… Hosted by Carl ‘On Fire’ Watkins, Chris ‘Cool Beans’ Arnold and Liz ‘Legaliz’ Searle… Drum roll please! Druuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! 12:00…

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