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Is It OK To Stay Friends With Your Ex

We live in a world where day after day, they try to prove that friendship with ex-partners isn't just normal, but good, civilized, and progressive. Psychologists think otherwise, and they have reason to do so.

As a rule, splitting up with our lovers, we swear to stay in good relations, keep in touch, not get lost, and come to help. In general, when cutting ties, unless, of course, it's a scandal accompanied by breaking dishes and thrown from the balcony of your mate's stuff, we are honestly going to stay friends and ... stop communicating at all. It turns out that people get lost, even with the warmest feelings for each other, and it's OK. We've discussed everything, figured out all we need, and become strangers to each other in a matter of moments.

Sculptures devoted to love

Love is a wonderful and tender feeling, described as the best thing a man and woman can experience, especially if it is mutual. Numerous literary works such as poems, short stories, novels or songs have been written about it. But this theme is captured not only in literary works, but it has always inspired artist for the creation of various sculptural, architectural and monumental masterpieces located in different corners of the Earth. …

How does censorship affect art about love?

Some are afraid of it, others are ready to fight for the censorship, some are luring it, while others see salvation in it. At first sight, there are no legal bounds for the art and applying censorship to artworks is forbidden in most civilized countries. But in the minds of conservative people and anti-liberal publications and speeches, the negative influence of censorship is already becoming quite visible. …yes it is,…

We’re All Going On A Cool Beans Holiday!

We frankly can’t believe that a) various TV channels have broadcast two series worth of content that we’ve created and also that b) we even managed to create two series…

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