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50 SNIFFS - Now watched over 150,000 times on Youtube!

50 Sniffs was formed in early 2008, but the seeds for musical success were sewn much earlier. 50 had been "spitting" in various other incarnations for a long time before producer and long suffering friend Dizzle took him into his shed promising cans of Stella and secretly recorded verses of drunken lyrics.

Quickly realising his potential to amuse and entertain - Dizzle pored through a stolen CD collection from his elder sister, including a karaoke version of "Toxic" by Britney Spears. Sniffs laid down the verses before passing out in his own vomit - and that early demo goes down in history as the best received home demo of all time.

Riding on the success of Toxic - The trio quickly recruited local lout JKizzle - after bonding over a mutual love of cheap cider. The DKC was formed (DefKuntCru) and live shows were soon to follow, with the first being at the Indian Queen in February 2008.

By now, the word of Sniffs was spreading to the surrounding areas of Boston. A few more home demo's over big rap instrumentals were proving that Toxic was definitely a one hit wonder, but people still felt warmed that this stupid cunt was trying. An album - "Get Laid Or Die Tryin" followed, with a wild launch party - which saw people raving to hardcore music until the early hours.

A year later, Sniffs was raring to go on the new album. His fame petering out despite the still successful live shows - He decided his second album would be bigger and better than his first - So stole a computer from the town's library with Dizzle to begin recording. The two located a disused shed - and powering it using a 500m cable from a nearby house set about recording the album. There were some long hot days in the shed, but the album produced a hot new single "BSTN" along with a host of other tracks that Sniffs thought would be his ticket to Boston's heart.

Alas. He was wrong. A second album launch night, another great success was soon forgotten about, and his music lay in the gutter. He developed a severe alcohol problem, often to be seen in Boston's less desirable watering holes until late - shouting at himself and knocking himself unconscious were a regular occurrence - until Dizzle found him lying in a gutter early January 2013.

The two set about reviving 50's career - after listening together to the second album, aptly named "The Fanny Massikah"

Sniffs was re-vitalised. He knew what needed to be done, and he shaved off his beard and performed a video for the people of Boston, entitled "B.S.T.N". He put his heart and soul on the line. Two months later, the video was complete.

On the 25th April 2013, the video was ready to show the world. It was met with tremendous response from the people of Boston and the UK alike - and received 5,000 views on it's first day alone. This, however, was just a sweet taste of success to come. Fast forward a few more months and the release of their second video (this time based in sunny Skegness) "Fish Chips and Donkey Ridez" reaches a staggering 116,000 views on Youtube. BBC Lincolnshire, Look North and many more promote the song, catapulting the trio to stardom.

With gigs coming out of their ears and an attach on the top 40 charts on the way, 2013 has most certainly the year of the Sniffs.






  • Jun 26th - Glasnost Festival, Cardiff

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