The Cool Beans Television Show - Series 2!

Yep - the rumours are true. The Cool Beans TV Show is back for a second series! After a glorious first series on SLTV we are now broadcasting the second series from the Made TV network. Currently going out on Thursday nights you can catch it on Virgin or Freeview if you live in the Bristol, Cardiff, Newcastle or Leeds area - 10PM on Leeds, 10:30PM on the others. If you’re made of money and have Sky, you can catch it anywhere in the world! And here’s how you do that…

And of course like absolutely everything else in the 21st Century it is available online. In fact the whole re-edited first series is also available on the Made TV catch-up player as well. You can access that by clicking here and heading to “Entertainment”.

I’ve ran out of things to say. Here are some more screen grabs.

Make sure you tune in and tell us how “great” the show is on our Twitter.

Much love!

Cool Beans. Xx

All Aboard The Zongo Brigade!


We’re becoming increasingly slack at adding blogs to the website, and for that we apologise! But it’s because we’re busy with all sorts of exciting plans, plans like this…

Cool Beans Management Presents: The K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade Akwaaba UK Tour!

4th March - Smokestack, Leeds
6th March - Mr. Wolf’s, Bristol
7th March - The Prince Albert, Stroud
13th March - Soup Kitchen, Manchester
20th March - Eden Festival Warm Up Party, Glasgow
27th March - Threshold Festival, Liverpool
2nd April - The Harley, Sheffield
10th April - Passing Clouds, London

Now this band have got a massive year ahead of them, we’re only in March and they’ve already headlined the Tuesday Club, had airplay on 6music and have been booked for festivals like Boomtown Fair, Soundwave and Eden (main stage for that one no less!). So our words of advice - go watch them if you they are coming to your town! It will be a lot of fun!

Get yourself warmed up by listening to their latest EP here!

Cool Beans. X

New year, new beans.


Happy New Year you lovely bunch, it’s time to bid farewell to 2014, GET LOST 2014 NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU ANYMORE, now it’s all about 2015, although let’s spend a tiny bit of time talking about 2014, because it was pretty good and all..

We made our first TV series and it’s now been shown on channels in Sheffield, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff and Newcastle, we programmed festival stages, we raised £2500 for Peace in the Park and Sharrow Festival, we bagged a weekly radio show on Sheffield Live 93.2FM, started a new comedy column in Now Then Magazine, put on some storming parties, performed at the Musical Comedy Awards, booked plenty of gigs/tours for our lovely Cool Beans Management acts and made a whole heap of new friends! Even Ham Pocket had a good time with people showing up to their gigs. That’s how good 2014 was, even things went well for Ham Pocket - undoubtedly one of the worst bands in musical history.

Ham Pocket - one of the worst bands in musical history

But now as we turn to 2015 it’s time to look ahead, it’s time for the new, it’s time for the fresh. And it doesn’t get much fresher than SOME BRAND NEW RADIO SHOW SLOTS!

Yes the Cool Beans Radio Show is moving! It’s now on a Monday afternoon at 2PM. Still on Sheffield Live 93.2FM and still as rocking as ever.

But get this - there’s more!

Chris is taking on another radio slot, every Wednesday morning 7AM - 9AM will be the Sheffield Uprising show, also on Sheffield Live 93.2FM! It’ll be just like the Cool Beans Radio Show, but earlier. And we’ll talk about the weather more.

Tell your mothers and your brothers!

Cheers to all who made 2014 such a good time, in particular the mighty Cool Beans TV production team. Speaking of TV, we might be back with some new stuff that end as well, watch this space!

Space - watch it.