How does censorship affect art about love?

Some are afraid of it, others are ready to fight for the censorship, some are luring it, while others see salvation in it. At first sight, there are no legal bounds for the art and applying censorship to artworks is forbidden in most civilized countries. But in the minds of conservative people and anti-liberal publications and speeches, the negative influence of censorship is already becoming quite visible. In some cases, the intonation of an article about a particular artist may serve a reason for a dismission. Other people lose the possibilities of grant funding because someone was not satisfied with their concept. Some theaters cannot get sponsorship money due to the direct intervention of the authorities. Today we decided to recall 3 brightest examples of films, performances and literary works that have suffered from the censorship or were harshly criticized.

Why does this phenomenon appear?

A very important postulate: censorship has always a political background. Hiding themselves behind the norms of propriety, the morality of children and society, some people use censorship as an instrument of suppression of dissent. There is no need to go far with examples: just look at the list of those who usually fall into the lists of banned artists. These are, as a rule, bright influential people who do not agree with the authorities.

Examples of censorship in books, films, and music

"Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe (1719)

If you don’t understand why a seemingly innocent book about the adventures of Robinson on an uninhabited island could be banned, the activists of the revolutionary movement can explain this. After all, all the merits in the novel for some reason are attributed to only the main character. Apparently, Daniel Defoe was unaware that the first place in any story should be occupied not by one person, but by her feelings or love story. So, many people argued about its publishing because there were controversies about how could Robinson live on an island without a woman for o many years and then suddenly the Friday appeared?

"A Clockwork Orange" by Stanley Kubrick (1962)

The Anthony Burgess’s screen version of a cognominal antiutopian novel was nominated for Oscar four times, rated Golden Globe Award and is still a classic in the genres of fiction, drama, and crime. Due to a large number of scenes of violence, sex, and murder, the film was once banned from being shown in many countries, including the production country in the UK. This is a tough story and it has mothing to do with the romance the society wants see in everything.

Concerts of the Madonna

The concerts of the infamous singer were banned in many countries at different periods as provocative. It all started with a few complaints from citizens. Then the singer used dancing on the cross as a part of her show program.

Arguments against censorship

The main argument is that censorship is actually not fair. The development of prohibitions will inevitably lead to the narrowing of audience interest to the art, censored art will lead to a serious outflow of entire categories of spectators. Today’s variety of art directions is aimed at presenting the independent opinion for various strata of society. And if art is banned, it won't lead to anything socially great, artist should express their feeling and love has no borders.